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Colleen Fay's career has spanned several areas of activity: music, ministry – considered in its “lower case” form –, librarianship, composing, teaching and writing. Her activities in music and ministry have overlapped over several years first as a music director/minister of three churches and singing as a professional soloist in both churches and synagogues. In all of these activities, it is difficult to draw the line between a musician employed in a place of worship and an engaged member of a congregation who uses her music as a means of strengthening ties to the congregation and to individual members. Many years ago she began the teaching portion of her career in a public junior high school music classroom. Although that was only a short sojourn, Ms. Fay has continued to teach in conjunction with diverse performing arts groups and organizations like the Smithsonian (Institution) Associates. A life-long love of learning led her to many years of fascinating work in the Library of Congress. What began as an expedient, composing music to fill in a particular place in a special religious service, expanded into a continuing process of composition of choral, vocal and chamber music. Finally another outgrowth of her performing and teaching led to a body of writing on all aspects of music: from Gregorian Chant to popular music and jazz. 

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Dec 15, 2015

Since I was about seven or eight years old, I knew that I was not like other boys; I couldn’t throw “like a boy,” I cried easily; I wasn’t competitive. I knew deep down that I didn’t fit the “boy” pattern no matter how much I tried. Much as I wanted to please my dad, I couldn’t see well enough to catch a ball, much less hit one tossed by a pitcher. You can guess that my list goes on and on.  

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