A Reflection of Katie Ricks' Ordination

Arlene G. Taylor serves on the Session of the Church of the Reconciliation, a welcoming and affirming More Light Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Arlene attended the ordination service of Katie Ricks on April 15. Katie's ordination was a historic first for the Presbyterian Church (USA) as the first openly lesbian Presbyterian to be ordained since G-2.0104 went into effect on July 10, 2011.

Moreover, Katie's ordination was a historic first for Arlene as a 70 year old Presbyterian church leader. After the service, Arlene returned home and she was compelled to write about it.  Arlene said, "Last Sunday, I came home from Katie's ordination filled with joy. I decided to write to my children something about my feelings. Then I decided to share it with a couple of cousins, and then with some friends."

Read the whole story at More Light Presbyterians

Image courtesy of More Light Presbyterians

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