Believe Out Loud's Week In Review

By Joseph Ward III, Director, Believe Out Loud

Welcome to Believe Out Loud's Week In Review, a weekly digest of the latest headlines at the intersection of Christianity and LGBT equality.

It finally happened. President Obama announced his personal support of marriage equality and there are over 500 Christians who left him a personal note of thanks.
Other Christians have also weighed in condemning this news including Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, and New Fellowship Church of God Pastor Charles Bargainee. But Rev. Harry Knox, a former advisor to the President, offers an important counter Christian narrative. As do our friends within the Presbyterian church.
North Carolina sadly voted against marriage equality last Tuesday, in the Amendment One battle. The good news is that while Baptist denominations were heavily involved in the anti-LGBT campaign, there are thousands of Baptists being lead by Rev. Robin Lunn and others, in the continued fight for LGBT equality.
Need a little morning music? How about Adair Lion’s new rap song, “Gay is Okay”?
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the world last December that LGBT rights are human rights and will be protected.  She’ll receive an award this summer at the World Pride event for her leadership.
Oh no. He woke up early to listen to NPR, and ended up spilling his coffee on a perfectly good shirt. You’ll never guess what Rev. Peter Laarman heard…
Here’s a final thought from Believe Out Loud Facebook Member Mackenzi Bentley: “I use to have many friends who were conservative Christians and some are still friends. I'm trying to grasp how they get SO much hate from someone (referring to Christ) who taught us to love one another regardless. One of my friends posted this rant about how "the bible says marriage is between one man and one woman" and that LGBT people are not on the path to righteousness and claiming that I made a choice to be attracted to women and men. I go on this page and it always reminds me that there are people who truly believe in the love and compassion that Christ taught.” -May 10 @BOL Facebook
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Image courtesy of Joseph Ward, III

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