Believe Out Loud's Week In Review

By Joseph Ward III, Director, Believe Out Loud

Welcome to Believe Out Loud's Week In Review, a weekly digest of the latest headlines at the intersection of Christianity and LGBT equality.

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden announced his support for marriage equality (which was later challenged by the White House) as North Carolinians head to the polls tomorrow to vote on Amendment One. If the amendment passes it would restrict marriage to straight couples, which has outraged many in the Christian community.  

Over the weekend evangelist Rev. Billy Graham ran hateful ads in 14 newspapers encouraging North Carolinians to restrict marriage to straight couples. But these pastors and straight North Carolinian families reject his discriminatory call, and are telling their state to stand up for “gay marriage”.

A North Carolinian Pastor still defends his sermon where he asks parents to beat “gay-acting” children. It’s painful to listen to these unchristian words, and Rev. Jimmy Creech—an ally for LGBT equality—tells North Carolinians why the Christian Church must end spiritual violence against gay people before tomorrow’s vote on Amendment One.

Ending its general conference, the United Methodist Church voted in favor of maintaining discriminatory policies in its book of discipline, which is the official rulebook for the denomination. Hear directly from a delegate who describes the hostility and abuse LGBT affirming Methodist experienced in Tampa.  

The Vatican’s very public crackdown on American nuns, has caused many to wonder why the Catholic hierarchy is so obsessed with sex? The churches reprimand based in part on homophobia in the positions of the Catholic hierarchy, is not welcomed by all Catholics, including Joseph Amodeo whose asked Cardinal Timothy Dolan to meet with homeless LGBT youth.

Dan Savage’s recent apology to a group of high school journalist he upset at an appearance in Seattle is appropriate. But let’s not forget the ally he has been to the religious community including students at Brigham Young University and Mormon parents who have been inspired by his ‘It Gets Better’ project.  

This Wednesday is National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Faith leaders tell the federal government what they can do to support the health needs of our most vulnerable young people—especially LGBT youth.

Here’s a final thought from Believe Out Loud Facebook Member Carolyn Maples: “Hey, I was just skimming through a guide to being Catholic, and it says that adultery is against the rules, and that's why homosexuality is wrong. So if homosexuality is wrong because they're not married ... Why aren't they allowed to get married?” -May 2 @BOL Facebook

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Blessings for a great week, and thanks for being here!

Image courtesy of Joseph Ward, III

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