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News Feb, 19, 2013
Crossing Boundaries: A Transgender Priest Becomes a University Chaplain

In December of 2001, Cameron Partridge was a 28-year-old candidate for the Episcopal priesthood in Massachusetts when he informed his bishop he would be transitioning from female to male. The Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw admits this news left him feeling uneasy. But, he added, “I’m old enough now that when I feel discomfort that probably means God wants me to pay attention to this.”

News Feb, 19, 2013
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Thanks Historic Gay-Positive Church

Premier Kathleen Wynne thanked a historic Toronto church Sunday for being a place of refuge when she was coming out in the 1990s.

News Feb, 14, 2013
Illinois Senate Approves Gay Marriage

The Democratic-led Senate delivered a Valentine’s Day victory to gay and lesbian couples today, passing legislation for the first time that would allow same-sex marriage in Illinois.

The gay marriage measure now goes to the House, where the fight is expected to be tougher. Gov. Pat Quinn is expected to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

News Feb, 13, 2013
Texas Pastor Uses Ash Wednesday To Send Message Of LGBT Equality

The Rev. Jeff Hood is using Ash Wednesday this year as a way to reach out to Denton churches and help them become accepting of LGBT members.

News Feb, 13, 2013
Catholic Principal Fired For Pro-Gay Marriage Beliefs

Mike Moroski, an Assistant Principal at Purcell Marian High School, a parochial school in Cinncinati, Ohio, has been fired after writing a blog post in support of gay marriage. The Archdiocese of Cincinatti dismissed Moroski after he refused to take down his blog and sign papers recanting his pro-gay marriage stance.

News Feb, 12, 2013
Soldier Dies of Breast Cancer But Her Widow Will Not Receive Benefits

Charlie Morgan didn’t get her last wish.

On Sunday morning, the New Hampshire National Guard soldier succumbed to Stage IV breast cancer after a long battle against the disease and a federal law that now leaves her widow with none of the benefits a grateful nation bestows on its straight warriors.

News Feb, 12, 2013
Lesbian Facing Separation to Attend State of the Union

One half of a bi-national same-sex couple that could face separation under current immigration law will attend the upcoming State of the Union address, the Washington Blade has learned exclusively.

News Feb, 08, 2013
UK Lawmakers Approve Same-Sex Marriage In First Vote

UK lawmakers took a big step Tuesday toward legalizing same-sex marriage, an issue that has prompted widespread rebellion within Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative Party.

News Feb, 01, 2013
Former Opponent Invites Gays To The Wedding Party

Question: How do you know when the fight for marriage equality for gays and lesbians is about to be won?

Answer: When one of your former foes invites you to the table to discuss the future of marriage.

News Jan, 30, 2013
Activist Hopeful About Gay Marriage

A gay Baptist minister arrested after trying to apply for a marriage license in Kentucky says he is optimistic that people opposed to same-sex marriage will change their minds over time, even in conservative places like the Bible belt.