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Blog Aug, 30, 2016
Fired Lesbian Educator Sues New Jersey Catholic High School

A lesbian educator is suing a Catholic high school because earlier this year the school fired her for entering a same-gender marriage.

Blog Aug, 24, 2016
Queering The Song Of Songs: Painting The Shulamite

Return, return, the Shulamite.
Return, return, and let us gaze on you.
How will you gaze on Shulamite in the dance of the two camps?
How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O prince’s daughter.
The curves of your (quivering) thighs are like jewels crafted by artist hands.

Blog Aug, 23, 2016
Queering Racial Justice Institute In Philadelphia Features Workshops Hosted By NAACP

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has always been on the front lines of Civil Rights since its inception, and this time is no different.

Blog Aug, 19, 2016
Back To School For Trans Kids

The back-to-school season can bring a mixture of emotions for parents and kids alike. For some it’s all excitement. For others, it’s nervousness and trepidation. For transgender children and their parents, it can be a time of sheer terror. While some schools (and the communities they are in) are great, others are so anti-trans that it feels like we are sending our kids into a war zone.

Blog Aug, 18, 2016
Growing In My Faith & My Marriage

Who am I?

I know the answer that is normally given would be; name, age, hometown, college, work, children, pets. Those answers are available, but before I list the things you can find out with a quick search I will define myself. 

Blog Aug, 16, 2016
When Revolution Comes

I realized how much I hated myself the day I admitted to myself that I’m trans. I’d never noticed before then the nauseated feeling in my stomach each time I looked in a mirror, or how I never could take compliment without some type of rebuttal, or how much I clamored for attention while looking for the exit at the same time.

Blog Aug, 15, 2016
Discovering Bisexuality As A Spiritual Calling

Last year, I ordered the book Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith because I realized I still had some things to come to terms with in regards to my sexuality and my faith.

Blog Aug, 12, 2016
Queering Iconography: Painting Pauli Murray

“If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.” 

LGBTQ persons of faith know well the importance of seeing reflections of ourselves in the pulpit, pew, and podium. There is life-changing power in seeing a person who looks and loves like you affirmed, ordained, degreed. Because not all persons of faith are straight, white, cisgender men. 

Blog Aug, 11, 2016
Breaking The Curse Narrative

Recently, two people–one queer and neurotypical, and one straight and mentally ill–confided similarly troubling worries to me. The first told me his mother had disowned him because he is gay, and, as he said, “to her that meant rejection of, and rejection by, God.” 

Blog Aug, 10, 2016
Am I Black Or Butch Today?

“Well—a lot of them would have been safe if they weren’t out all night sinnin’.”