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Blog May, 27, 2015
Why The Reformation Project’s Atlanta Conference Will Start With A Racial Justice Institute

In her keynote address at The Reformation Project’s D.C. Regional conference last November, Rev. Allyson Robinson exhorted Christians in the affirming Church to consider and overcome the “temptation to power,” the temptation to think the LGBT issue is the only gospel issue we should focus on.

Blog Nov, 14, 2014
What LGBTQ People Need To Hear From Christian Leaders

"Sexual orientation is not a sin. Gender identity is not a sin. We are all created in the image of God."

Blog Nov, 13, 2014
God Is Bigger Than Everything: Reflections On The Reformation Project

Growing up the thing that fascinated me the most about God was his size. My mother would tell me that God is bigger than everything. She would also tell me that God is everything, which I always questioned because wouldn’t that mean God would even be bigger than himself at times?

Blog Oct, 21, 2014
Amidst Reformation: Our Chance To Change The Church

As an immigrant, a woman, and a person of color, I know what a public show of solidarity can mean in the face of adversity. Ashamedly, there have been times when I did not offer such solidarity to others.

When I first became a Christian, I failed to be a public ally to LGBT people I loved dearly.