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Blog May, 19, 2017
Q&A: Why This Texas Pastor is Standing Against Anti-LGBTQIA Legislation

For the past five months, as Texas legislators have aggressively pushed anti-LGBTQIA legislation, the faith community in Texas has been adamant about standing against such discriminatory legislation. The strength of faith leaders in the conversation is undeniable.

Blog Nov, 06, 2015
Because Houston Deserves Better

Houston, you are an amazing place. You are the home of a thriving arts scene, a mecca of art museums and opera. You are one of the most famous cities in the wonderful, enormous state known as Texas. Not to mention, you are the home of NASA and the Johnson Space Center, where mankind’s triumphs in space travel can continue to inspire and educate the world.

News Oct, 30, 2015
People Of Faith Support HERO In Houston!

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, lovingly known as HERO, is a ballot proposition being voted on this Tuesday. People of faith across Houston have joined the campaign to make HERO law and protect 15 classes of people currently without vital non discrimination protections in the city.

Blog Jul, 25, 2014
I Am A Gay Christian Who Was Fired Because Of My “Lifestyle Choices”

My name is Casey Stegall, and I am a 22-year-old full time college student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Blog Mar, 21, 2014
The Lynchings Haven’t Stopped

On March 6th, in Galveston, Texas, a city outside of Houston, a young African-American lesbian couple was killed and dumped near a dumpster.