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Blog Mar, 15, 2017
What Future Do Our Trans Children See?

When Trump rescinded the guidelines to schools on how to protect the dignity of Trans* students, he opened the door for SCOTUS to deny Gavin Grimm his day in court. When SCOTUS declined to hear Gavin’s case, the nation's highest court delayed the protections that Trans* students are due under the mandate of Title IX. 

Blog Mar, 07, 2017
It’s Up to Us (Always Has Been)

One of the most frustrating and emotionally and spiritually damaging aspects of Transgender justice work is the persistent confrontation with silence.

Blog Feb, 23, 2017
An Open Pastoral Letter To The Trans Community

Brothers, Sisters and Siblings,

I see the posts. I see the words of hate people scrawl through the comments section, through the tweets and Facebooks status updates. I see the pictures of trans celebrities that get attacked and misgendered. I see the people standing outside of buildings with picket signs. I see the petitions and the calls for boycotts.  

Blog May, 04, 2016
Australian Students Demand Greater LGBT Respect From Catholic Institutions

College students in Australia are protesting an upcoming lecture by a of a Catholic man who claims “reparative therapy” successfully changed his sexuality, the latest dispute about LGBT issues as they relate to Catholic education in that nation.

Blog Feb, 29, 2016
Why Title IX Matters—And Christian Colleges Shouldn't Be Exempt

Across the U.S., Christian colleges and universities are filing for exemptions to Title IX, a federal law that makes it illegal for schools to discriminate against students because of their gender.

Blog Feb, 26, 2016
Why This Catholic Is Standing With Transgender Students

It may seem like a cliché but as a Christian I often find myself often asking that age old question, “What would Jesus do?”

Last Tuesday, I asked myself this question after learning that HB 1008—an anti-trans bill that forces trans students to use restrooms and locker rooms that do not correspond with their gender—was passed by the South Dakota legislature.

News Feb, 23, 2016
1,062 Christians Support Transgender Students In South Dakota
1,062 Christians Support Transgender Students In South Dakota

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