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Blog Apr, 07, 2017
Raising A Banner For Title IX: Our Message to the NCAA

Though I had my mom with me on our crew of activists, Soulforce’s action at the women’s Final Four basketball game this weekend was one of the more daunting in my dozen years of direct action organizing.

From the moment we entered the arena, police crowded us, grilled us with questions, monitored us from above, and even followed us to the bathroom. 

Blog Apr, 14, 2015
Catholic High School Wrestler Builds Bridges By Coming Out As Gay

Cole Fox is a senior at Don Bosco Catholic High School in Gilbertville, Iowa, where until recently he wrestled successfully for one of the state’s top programs.

He is also an openly gay Catholic whose coming out and commitment to building bridges are inspirations for all who seek to advance LGBT justice.

Blog Jan, 07, 2015
New Show Sends Dangerous Message

Almost every professional medical association condemns “reparative therapy” as both dangerous and ineffective when applied to changing a person’s sexual orientation.

Recently the practice became banned and illegal in California, New Jersey and Washington D.C. with pending legislative actions against its practice in a number of states.

Blog Jul, 24, 2014
A Gay Christian Athlete's Letter To David Tyree

This week, David Tyree, who has publicly opposed same-sex marriage and promoted conversion therapy, was hired by the New York Giants as the director of player development.

Blog Jul, 21, 2014
Gay Games 2014: Sponsored By Cleveland's United Church Of Christ

A generation of young Americans is rejecting Christianity because they widely perceive it to be anti-gay and, as such, "shallow," "anti-intellectual," "insincere," and even "hypocritical."

Blog May, 02, 2013
On NBA Center Jason Collins' Coming Out: The Truth Will Set You Free

In a profoundly simple way, NBA veteran Jason Collins became the first active player in one of the four major U.S. professional sports to come out as gay. Collins said, "I'm a 34 year old NBA Center. I'm black. And I'm gay" in a first-person article posted on April 29 on Sports' Illustrated website.