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Blog Sep, 19, 2014
Gay Christian Mingle: A Story Of LGBT Second Adolescence

When I was in 10th grade my friends started having sex. Of course, several had already done so and some until this day have not, but in 10th grade people began to talk openly about their experiences, or at least their thoughts about their future experiences.

Blog Aug, 13, 2014
Celibacy Shouldn't Be The New Ex-Gay Ministry

Embracing celibacy as an appropriate religious calling to be a God-abiding LGBTQ Christian is now on the rise. 

And I didn’t know my sexual orientation was still up for debate—no joke. 

Blog Feb, 25, 2014
Silent No More: Denouncing “Christian” Voices Of Hate

When I read that President Museveni had signed the hateful anti-LGBTQ law in Uganda, the first words that came to mind were from the opening song in "Les Misérables." It's called "Work Song." Prisoners in a work camp are expressing their hope and their despair.

Blog Jul, 29, 2013
Do You Want LGBTQ Youth In The Church?

Last week, I went as an adult advisor to the sweltering Purdue University campus for Presbyterian Youth Triennium—a denominational conference for 5,000+ senior high students that comes with much anticipation every three years. Even with the travel and the lack of A/C in our dorm, the experience was a true gift, as I’ve come to understand most chances to journey with youth are.

Blog Feb, 03, 2013
We, The Black Church, Have A Sex Problem

My friends Renee and Susan have been together for nearly 24 years and are thoughtfully raising a beautiful and brilliant five-year-old son. Like most parents, they goad him to eat his vegetables, admonish him to “slow down” inside the house and to share about his school adventures.