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Blog Feb, 17, 2016
It Will Take All Of Us To Build A Just World

When the 2015 Urbana Missions Conference tackled race head-on last December, it seemed that the evangelical Christian community could finally say "Black Lives Matter" without hedging.

Blog Oct, 20, 2015
How Queer Evangelicals Brought This Skeptical Journalist Back To Christianity

It happened at the end of recess, after the bell had rung and all the other junior-high kids had gone inside.

After beating him in a schoolyard basketball game of “H.O.R.S.E.,” my beefy, mop-topped classmate, whom I’ll call Neil, hurled basketballs at my chest while his friend held my arms back so that I couldn’t protect my body. “Chink!” Neil yelled angrily.

Blog Oct, 07, 2015
Finding Strength As A Lesbian Mother Through The Canaanite Woman

If you want one of the most beautiful and yet humbling experiences a person can go through, become a parent. As a new mom, I’m often in the midst of intense events with my kids where I have no idea what to do. Because of this, I find myself looking to God for guidance.

Blog Oct, 05, 2015
Invisible No More: LGBT Elders Of Color Come To The Forefront

Alarming statistics in the LGBT elders of color population nationwide has prompted local organizations to tackle disparities as this population is projected to double in the coming years. According to the U.S.

News Aug, 12, 2015
The New Black Documentary Is Now Available On Netflix

Released in 2013, The New Black is a documentary that examines the African-American community’s diverse responses to the movement for LGBTQ equality. 

Blog Aug, 05, 2015
Queer Reflections On The 2015 White House Conference On Aging

As the iron gates to the White House grounds opened at 8:45 on Monday morning, July 13, the assembled group of delegates to the 2015 White House Conference on Aging began joyfully streaming toward the security stations, the preliminary steps in gaining access to the hallowed halls where aging issues and policies for the next 10 years would be discussed.

Blog Jun, 05, 2015
At The End Of The Day: A Journey Towards Affirmation

I’m sorry! I had no idea.

How could you? You only answer questions. You never ask any.

Blog Jun, 03, 2015
Influenced By Catholic Upbringing, Artist’s “Queer Icons” Offer Windows To God

For many Christians, icons are windows to God. They make the Ultimate accessible through divinely-inspired human artistry. Worldly subjects–almost exclusively holy people and their environments–draw readers outward and upward, beyond what is present, towards what is Holy.

Blog May, 27, 2015
Why The Reformation Project’s Atlanta Conference Will Start With A Racial Justice Institute

In her keynote address at The Reformation Project’s D.C. Regional conference last November, Rev. Allyson Robinson exhorted Christians in the affirming Church to consider and overcome the “temptation to power,” the temptation to think the LGBT issue is the only gospel issue we should focus on.