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News Dec, 03, 2015
Looking Ahead: What's Next For Our Work

In the coming year, we expect to see more than 100 anti-LGBTQ religious refusal laws proposed across the country. These laws come in many forms, but they all have the same goal—to use religion as an excuse to discriminate against and harm others.

Blog Sep, 08, 2015
How The Religious Right Is Getting It Wrong

For the past week, my newsfeed on Facebook has been filled with posts and comments about the arrest of Kim Davis, the court clerk from

Blog Jun, 08, 2015
Proposed North Carolina Law Is An Affront To Religious Liberty

On Monday the North Carolina Senate voted to override Governor McCrory's veto of SB2, a bill that would authorize government officials across the state to refuse to perform marriages or even issue marriage licenses when they have a religious objection.

Blog Apr, 02, 2015
Living Christ's Love: Would Jesus Turn People Away?

I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus. I believe in doing our best to follow God’s word and make it an active part of our lives.

Blog Apr, 01, 2015
Liberating Religious Liberty

When I went to work in West Hollywood in the mid-1990s, one of my new co-workers took me on a tour of the neighborhood at lunchtime. A long-time gay activist, he knew the local history well.

Blog Jul, 03, 2014
The Crosshairs Of Religion

The Supreme Court made a ruling at the end of June that will have repercussions for years, possibly for generations to come.

Blog May, 13, 2014
Is Religious Freedom For Everyone?

Tony Perkins (above), president of the Family Research Council and frequently-booked anti-LGBT extremist pundit, recently announced that unless you are an orthodox Christian, then you are not entitled to religious freedom.

Blog Feb, 25, 2014
Silent No More: Denouncing “Christian” Voices Of Hate

When I read that President Museveni had signed the hateful anti-LGBTQ law in Uganda, the first words that came to mind were from the opening song in "Les Misérables." It's called "Work Song." Prisoners in a work camp are expressing their hope and their despair.

Blog Feb, 24, 2014
Rethinking "Religious Freedom" Laws

I have been horrified to see the new wave anti-LGBT laws across the country that have been put forward under the guise of "religious freedom," the idea that freedom of religion requires us to allow people to be mistreated.

News Oct, 12, 2012
Storm Coming As Baptist Church Kicked Out

The flood gates have only started to leak as the Ginter Park Baptist Church has been asked by the Baptist General Association of Virginia to revoke its membership because they ordained an openly gay minister.