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Blog Apr, 29, 2016
Why This Pastor Testified Against Minnesota's "Bathroom Bill"

Earlier this month, I testified in a hearing before a Minnesota House Committee on HF3396, a misguided piece of discriminatory legislation that would restrict bathroom access for trans and gender nonconforming people on the basis of “biological sex.”

News Oct, 02, 2012
Catholic Parents Talk About Marriage Equality In Minnesota

Darlene and Tom White support their Lesbian daughter and want to see her marry the one she loves.

Tom realized, through his grandson, why marriage equality matters. "Why does a 15-year-old honor student and top athlete have to defend the very existence of his own wonderful family?"

News Jul, 15, 2012
Priest Tells MN Catholics They Can Vote Against Banning Marriage Equality


Nearly 30,000 people (and rising) have now watched Roman Catholic Priest Bob Pierson tell Minnesota Catholics why their faith can advise them to reject a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban marriage equality – despite what other Catholic leaders in the state are saying.

News Jul, 12, 2012
In Sleepy Minnesota Suburbs, Church Ladies Launch Gay Marriage Crusade

By Talya Minsberg, journalist and community moderator at The New York Times