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Blog Mar, 18, 2016
A Religious Utopia Turned Nightmare

The last time an African American lesbian was the protagonist in a novel was in Ann Allen Shockley’s 1982, “Say Jesus and Come to Me.” What shocked and awed readers about this main character is that she is also an itinerant minister.

Blog Mar, 27, 2015
When Is “Enough” Enough?

Recently, some African American pastors who came to “heckle” me changed their minds and instead asked me what they could do to move the conversation about moral equality for LGBT people in the Black church forward.

Blog Sep, 02, 2014
Encouraging Gay Men In Their Quest For Authenticity

Why retreats for gay men?

My start comes from where I began. My partner and I both identify as gay men and are on a quest to live with authenticity in every area of our lives.

Blog Aug, 29, 2014
The Stigma Of Black Suicide Is Killing Us

When the first news reports of Robin Williams’ death hit the media, few questioned the report that the country's most beloved comedian had committed suicide.

Blog Aug, 27, 2014
I Was Kicked Out Of My Church For Being Gay—And God Still Loves Me

I was baptized a few weeks before my 19th birthday because of the Book of Romans and its assurance that once you come to Christ, your mind is renewed and you are set free from the bondage of sin.

Blog Aug, 20, 2014
Thinking The Unimaginable: Black Same-Gender-Loving Men And Marriage

In the past few weeks and months, it seems as though the campaign for marriage equality in America has hit its stride.

Blog Aug, 01, 2014
I Am A Black Gay Christian—And I Know God Loves Me

I am Ronald Moore, and like all of us, I am the sum of many parts—a native of Detroit, graduate of Michigan State University, member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Hewlett Packard retiree, devout Christian member of The Riverside Church of New York, proud African American, and a proud gay man.

Blog Jul, 31, 2014
Be A Rainbow In Somebody’s Cloud

As Maya Angelou passed this May, many of my friends and family took to social media to honor her life. One my favorite quotes by Dr. Angelou seemed to be a favorite amongst others:

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Blog Jun, 18, 2014
Walking With God: Meeting My Hipster Pastor On The Streets Of Brooklyn

I went for a long walk recently. I woke up early, and I was all ready to be idle in front of the computer for hours when I heard a voice say, “Get out, it’s beautiful.”

Blog May, 28, 2014
Advancing Equality In Love And Marriage

Love is one of the things that makes us, as a people, thrive. We love our families. We love our friends. We grow to love those in our communities. We love those in our church. And we even love those who are in our schools. Love is a matter of the heart. Most persons who have found love can testify that it was heart over mind, a feeling over teaching—spirit over doctrine.