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Blog May, 05, 2017
Power For & By LGBTQ People Of Faith

When I was a kid my grandmother would rock back and forth on her green metallic rocking chair singing old Spirituals like, “We shall overcome, someday.” I still remember her tears. My grandmother, big and yellow, a proud Christian, guarded our South Dallas porch singing songs like, “I’m a solider in the Army of the Lord. I’m a solider in the Army.”

Blog Jul, 23, 2015
Putting Faith Into Action: HIV/AIDS Advocacy

People of faith often feel called upon to be of service.

Volunteering for a social issue they feel passionate about is a popular way to put faith in action.

As both a volunteer and volunteer manager myself I have learned a key to being of service is to bring skills, but also leave behind a know-it-all attitude.

Blog Mar, 20, 2015
My Faith Is Bigger Than the Church

Throughout my first year of seminary, I often had conversations with a good friend living overseas. While our conversation topics ranged from politics to cultural differences to vacation locations, one of our most popular subjects to discuss was religion. 

Blog Oct, 29, 2013
Full Of Grace & Truth

I was a junior in high school, it was a week after Christmas, and it was bitterly cold. On St. Stephen's Day a blizzard of Biblical proportions blanketed Massachusetts in a chrysalis of snow. Peripatetic winds had buffeted those icy banks, sculpting them into miniature topographical masterpieces, complete with condensed peaks and vales.

Blog Jun, 26, 2013
Pride Is Faith

“Pride is faith in the idea that God had when God made us.” –Isak Dinesen, nee Karen Blixen 

I often quote this insight from Blixen’s memoir, Out of Africa, during LGBT Pride Month.

Blog Apr, 22, 2013
Called To Faith & Compassion

Faith is a journey that reveals the new and unexpected everyday. That’s a core belief we have at Believe Out Loud. We challenge ourselves, and others, to walk a mile in the shoes of those around us in an attempt to grow and strengthen our common humanity.

News Oct, 23, 2012
First United Lutheran Welcomed Back to the ELCA

After over 10 years of being expelled from the Evangelical Lutheran Church Association (ELCA), the First United Lutheran Church of San Francisco has been welcomed home. To celebrate, they held a service of  Reconciliation and Healing in early October. 

News Oct, 23, 2012
'NoWedge' Event Shows Blacks and LGBTQ Not Exclusive Identities

Black faith leaders are hosting a town hall meeting tonight in Harlem to help voters talk about what it means to be part of the black, LGBTQ, and faith communities.

News Oct, 12, 2012
Obama And Biden Versus Romeny And Ryan On LGBTQ Issues

In the final stretch of election season and in the aftermath of the Vice Presidential debate, we decided to take an in depth look at how each candidate sees LGBTQ related issues. Here are some of the highlights:

News Oct, 07, 2012
Young Voters With A Religious Passion

Last week, the Public Religion Research Institute released the results of their survey on young Millennial voters and their predicted voting records for the 2012 election.