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News Nov, 11, 2013
To Our Brothers In Christ—The US Conference of Catholic Bishops

To our brothers in Christ, the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Blog Oct, 31, 2013
Changing Hearts: A Plea For Christian Dialogue

When I was in college, a friend asked how I as a Christian viewed her as a lesbian. I told her that I didn’t think of her any differently than I did of other non-Christians because I believed any life not based on the Lord Jesus Christ was sinful and destructive.

Blog Oct, 23, 2013
The Misnomer Of Safe Space

The majority of life boils down to one of two relational spaces. There’s the surface-level presentation of self, best reserved for exchanging pleasantries with the man next to you in the grocery line or during the meet and greet at church. I like your necklace and did you see the game last week? How’s your mom doing? Where does your son go to school?

Blog Oct, 04, 2013
Disowning A Disowner Is Not the Answer

By now most of you will have seen the news of the grandfather who disowned his daughter because she disowned her own son when he came out as gay to her.

Blog Jul, 29, 2013
Do You Want LGBTQ Youth In The Church?

Last week, I went as an adult advisor to the sweltering Purdue University campus for Presbyterian Youth Triennium—a denominational conference for 5,000+ senior high students that comes with much anticipation every three years. Even with the travel and the lack of A/C in our dorm, the experience was a true gift, as I’ve come to understand most chances to journey with youth are.

Blog Jun, 20, 2013
God Turns A Conservative Texan Into A Father For Many

Do you know what the word “evangelical” means? Contrary to what many believe, it has nothing to do with judgment or dogma. The term stems from the Greek word eugangelion, meaning "gospel," or the good news of Jesus and the redemption he brings to the world.

Dave Ferrell is a tall white haired Texan. He is a life-long Pentecostal, and he has a gay son.

Blog May, 21, 2013
Inside Out Faith: Accepting The Call To Tell My Story

Ironically, it wasn’t until I came out that I began to discover that being gay wasn’t the end of my relationship with the church. In fact, I couldn’t get those loony Christians to stop calling me. Hadn’t they heard I was queer? What use could I possibly be to the church?

Blog Apr, 30, 2013
Love The Sinner: Read A Book

Love the sinner. Hate the sin.”

How many times do we hear this, particularly in response to the debate over homosexuality in the church? I cannot count the number of comments and conversations that begin something like this: 

"As Christians, we love everyone. We love the sinner, but hate the sin. Haven’t you read the following Bible verses...?"

Blog Apr, 22, 2013
Called To Faith & Compassion

Faith is a journey that reveals the new and unexpected everyday. That’s a core belief we have at Believe Out Loud. We challenge ourselves, and others, to walk a mile in the shoes of those around us in an attempt to grow and strengthen our common humanity.

Blog Apr, 21, 2012
Cooperative Baptists Rethink Sexuality

This weekend's [Baptist] Conference on Sexuality and Covenant in Decatur, GA, was a breath of fresh air in hostile debates about religion and homosexuality.