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Blog Mar, 09, 2016
I Didn't Know I Was Bisexual

I like being born in 1950. It feels so central. It’s easy to calculate how old I am. Last year I hit classic retirement age. I also hit marking about 20 years out to myself, and the world, as bisexual.

News Dec, 04, 2015
Faith Leaders: Indiana Should Expand LGBT Rights

Editor’s note: The following letter was submitted by 141 religious leaders from Indiana.

Blog Oct, 06, 2015
Why Being Bisexual Makes Me A Better Pastor

Last month, I attended the More Light Presbyterians Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a powerful experience to reconnect with LGBTQ and ally colleagues in ministry and to dream together about what the future of the church looks like beyond just queer inclusion.

Blog Sep, 10, 2015
Bringing The Margins To The Center In Our Churches

I have a friend named Felipe who frequently attends worship celebrations at our church.

Blog Aug, 31, 2015
Christian Australia Is Ready For Marriage Equality

In Australia, clergy are "coming out" for marriage equality in ever increasing numbers. This is because of their experience of working with people at the most personal of levels.

Through such interaction they have seen that profound love and deep commitment is at the very essence of the human person. 

Blog Jul, 29, 2015
Because I Am Their Pastor & They Are God’s Beloved Children

On August 1, 2015 I will be involuntarily removed from the work of my calling. I will have gone to sleep the night before as an ordained United Methodist minister of the gospel, only to awaken in the morning as a suspended pastor in The United Methodist Church.

Blog Jul, 17, 2015
Meet Brandiilyne Dear: The Pastor & LGBT Advocate Sparking Change In Mississippi

Brandiilyne Dear, a pastor at the inclusive and welcoming Joshua Generation Metropolitan Community Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is an LGBT advocate working to accelerate acceptance in her home state of Mississippi and beyond. Brandiilyne also founded 

Blog May, 10, 2013

As the old term says so aptly, "Silence=Death." As a preacher and a pastor, I know this to be true. As a religious person, I know personally the silence that is incubated by religious communities and the destruction that it creates. I, for one, want to break that silence.

Blog Oct, 14, 2011
Pastor Fired For Applauding End Of DADT

Two nights ago I got this email:

Greetings John,