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Blog Nov, 07, 2016
Believe Out Loud's Commitment Beyond The Ballot

Over the last several days, the Believe Out Loud team has been posting, writing, emailing, and tweeting to encourage community members to share why, as LGBTQI-affirming people of faith, we all vote, march, disrupt, lobby, write letters, protest, or use other tools to press for justice in public life.

Blog Nov, 07, 2016
Beyond The Ballot, We Cannot Rest

Daily, we have borne witness to the divisive language and tactics that have been employed during the 2016 Election.

I have often had to remind myself: God is still in control and all things happen according to His plan.

Blog Nov, 06, 2016
Christians Vote For Immigration Justice

Growing up in the Haitian immigrant community in Philadelphia, PA, I saw so many of my vulnerable neighbors living in fear. They worried, because at any moment their undocumented status might be revealed. For a time, my own family also lived with these anxieties.

Blog Nov, 05, 2016
Christians Vote For Disability Justice

Micah 6:8 a verse that I meditate on and try my best to reflect in my life. The part that I want to focus on in this message is “to act justly.” That requirement from God is all-inclusive. It does not say, “To act justly except for LGBTQ people” or “to act justly except for people of color” or “to act justly except for people with disabilities.” It simply says, “to act justly.”

Blog Nov, 04, 2016
Christians Vote for Trans Justice

Transphobia has entered the center stage of our national political conversation.

Blog Nov, 03, 2016
Christians Vote for Racial Justice

I went to my first street vigil in the United States just over two years ago in Baltimore, Maryland.

Blog Nov, 02, 2016
Christians Vote For LGBTQI Justice

Yesterday, we launched a #ChristiansVote campaign to transform the narrative about Christian voters. Join us to proclaim loud and clear that we are Christians called to justice!