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Blog Jun, 23, 2017
For Believers of All Stripes

I was 13 and sitting in the basement of my childhood home in the Amish-laden countryside of Pennsylvania.

Blog May, 26, 2017
Recovering from Conversion Therapy One Bible Story at a Time

When I first came out gay in 1999, many gay Christians and queer scholars were asking, “Who is gay/lesbian in the Bible?” Some pointed to Jonathan and David. Others to Ruth and Naomi. There were rumors of a gay Roman Centurion.

Blog May, 08, 2013
The Myth Of Biblical Inerrancy

Perhaps it is a bad idea to write about something that one feels needs to begin with a defense, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Blog Mar, 22, 2013
God Of The Whirlwind: Confronting Chaos From The Margins

In seminary, I took a whole class on the Book of Job. It was taught by one of my favorite professors, who happens to be the expert on the subject, and what I remember most from our studies is how Job’s afflictions introduced him to the reality of chaos in the world.

Blog Dec, 30, 2011
Clobbering "Biblical" Gay Bashing

Unpacking the so-called Biblical basis of homophobia