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Welcome to the Week In Review, a weekly digest of the latest headlines at the intersections of Christian faith and LGBT equality.

Have you ever stood in the Christian Closet?

Former Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman called marriage equality a “conservative cause.” He and more than 80 prominent Republican leaders are sending a “friend to the Court” brief to the Supreme Court as it prepares to hear cases over Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Father Shannon Kearns will lead a retreat for queer and trans people in Minnesota this spring.

Rev. Andy Oliver talks about United Methodist doctrine and polity, and why the church should not support discrimination based on sexual orientation.

A 65-year-old nurse challenged a Catholic Archbishop’s gay marriage stance.

Why do gay Americans pay more taxes, for fewer rights? Suzy Orman shares her thoughts at CNN.

Rev. Melvin Miller, author of You Matter, discusses why marriage equality is a religious and democratic issue.

Cartoonist David Hayward illustrates the diversity of our kids.

Watch as these Texans defend lesbian and gay families from a “homophobic” waitress. Thanks Gwen for sending this over!

Here’s a final thought from Marge Ragona: “The Bible had many, many models for what we now call marriage. I'm not even sure they had a concept of marriage. It was more a concept of ownership.” –February 19th @BOLFacebook

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Photo courtesy of Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ

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