Stations Of The Cross: The Struggle For LGBT Equality

Stations of the Cross are a series of artistic representations of the Passion of Christ, depicting the story of his death from his sentencing to the laying of his body in the tomb. The fourteen images are used devotionally during the Lenten season for prayer and reflection.

The stations provide an opportunity for Christians to enter into the story of Christ's suffering and experience a relationship with a God who suffers with us.

This series of stations combine images depicting the struggle for LGBT equality through the 20th and 21st century. Each station illustrates the many ways in which the pursuit of justice for LGBT peoples is embedded in the history of the United States.

Click here to see the entire series.

Congregations and faith groups are encouraged to use these stations during the Lenten season for prayer and reflection. All images are available for download at the link above. 

Artwork by Mary Button, 2013

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I am moved and impressed by the skill and vision with which you have linked the Stations to LGBT equality. I promote LGBT Christian art at and will contact you privately about the best way to inform my readers about this wonderful series. I am working on a book based on another artist’s vision of Christ’s Passion as it relates to gay suffering. You use this link to see my series of “The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision” by Douglas Blanchard:

I wrote short text for each of these Station images to explain the connection to LGBT struggles. It was a powerful experience to find the parallels between Christ’s path and the LGBT journey to equality.

For example, putting the death sentence of Jesus with the first use of "faggot" revealed a harsh truth in Station 1: Words are often the first step on the continuum of violence. In the beginning was the word.

My mini-commentaries are available at the Jesus in Love Blog through this link:

Where can I obtain a copy for my Catholic school this lent?

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