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Zeena Rivera is a high school student and Seattle native. She is actively dedicating her life to serving others and standing with the LGBTQIA community. As she likes to stay busy, Zeena does everything and anything from playing a plethora of musical instruments to running Be! Magazine ( her LGBTQIA youth non-profit online magazine.

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Jun 06, 2014

When I woke up on the morning of Seattle Pride 2013, I was not ready for "Thongs Galore," and that bothered me.

In my mind, going to the annual Pride Parade was just an item on the list of things queer kids did.

Feb 26, 2014

I have not yet gone through confirmation in the Catholic Church. There is a high chance that I will eventually, but I haven't right now.

In the Catholic Church, it is around this time that kids around my age get confirmed through their own free will or with their parents dangling college tuition money over their heads to do so.

Being Catholic and queer is sort of a weird mix.

Jan 29, 2014

Stand with Catholic high school students this Friday, January 31stĀ for 'Z-Day' to raise awareness for LGBTQ faculty being fired within the Catholic Church by wearing orange and spreading #ZDAY on social media.

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