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Stephanie Mott is a transsexual Christian woman from Topeka, Kansas. She is a the founder and executive director of Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project, vice-president of Capital City NOW, a commissioner on the City of Topeka Human Relations Commission, and community liaison for transgender inmates with the Shawnee County (Kansas) Department of Corrections.

Stephanie is employed as the office assistant/grant specialist in the Shawnee County Commission office. She is in her final semester of the Bachelor of Social Work program at Washburn University, and anticipates working toward her MSW in the Fall.

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Oct 25, 2016

In the days of my youth, I knew little of the meanings of terms such as the "religious right" and the "liberal left." I was taught to believe in a loving God, and I have begun to understand that this is the greatest fortune of my birth.

I was raised by parents who believed in a loving God. The religious right that is the subject of this blog is not the religious right that comes to mind to classify a particular brand of faith—what I am speaking of is my right to believe in a loving God.

Jan 08, 2016

I am a transgender Christian woman. This is the line I often use to begin one of my presentations about being a transgender woman of faith. Then I often follow that line with these: I like to start with that because you don't often hear the words transgender and Christian in the same sentence. I like to start with that because people often tell me I can't live authentically and be a Christian. And I like to start with that because for many years of my life, I believed them.

Jul 15, 2015

So you believe that biological sex and gender identity are always inextricably linked. This, in spite of the fact that science is absolutely clear that they are not. This, in spite of the fact that the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association are absolutely clear that they are not.

Okay, I would like to just suppose, for a minute—just suppose that you might not be right.

Jun 09, 2015

They say freedom isn't free. This is something I know very well. Authenticity is also not free. Lack of authenticity has its cost, as well. The price of authenticity is often added to the cost of living inauthentically and the burden is carried by everyone whose life touches any human being for whom the struggle for authenticity is also a struggle for life and death.

Jan 06, 2015

My hope is that by being openly-transgender, people will see our truths more clearly. How sad that any young person would not be able to believe they can be their authentic self. My heart is broken but my resolve is re-doubled again. 

I hate the ignorance and the religious intolerance that precipitates actions like the ones chosen by Leelah Alcorn.

Dec 08, 2014

If my purpose is to create change, to help bring about the end of legalized discrimination against LGBT people, my actions should be such that they are effective at bringing about that change. If I want to help people understand what it is like to be transgender, I need to present a message that more effectively gives people that opportunity. 

Over the last several years, I have come to understand that the most effective activism is activism based in love.

Nov 24, 2014

The recent appearance of pastors and churches declaring their willingness to perform marriages for same-sex couples has led to some of the most amazing imagery of the marriage equality struggle. Imagery the likes of which seemed all too impossible not long ago, especially in the deeply-red states of America.

Oct 09, 2014

Four months ago, I decided to begin what I called the Transgender Summer of Faith Tour.

My hope was to speak at as many institutions of faith in and around the state of Kansas over the course of the summer.

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