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Jan 19, 2015

Martin Luther King's actual birthday is January 15th, and I believe if MLK were alive today he would be well pleased with Ava DuVernay's  film "Selma."

Dec 15, 2014

The Christmas season is a difficult time of year for me.

I am always bothered by our culture's egregious forms of commercialism—and its either lack of or its anemic recognition of other forms for religious holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, and the celebration of the winter solstice during this season.

Nov 26, 2014

As I prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of the autumnal harvest time's spiritual significance. As a time of connectedness, I pause to acknowledge what I have to be thankful for. 

But I also reflect on the holiday as a time of remembrance—historical and familial.

Oct 24, 2014

Exactly a decade ago this month I received an email flagged as urgent from Monrovia, Liberia. It was from Lee Johnson, then coordinator of "Liberian Youths Against HIV/AIDS.”

Sep 26, 2014

It's back-to-school season for most and stepping back into the scene isn't easy for a lot of students—especially LGBTQ students.

LGBTQ-phobias abound in the hallowed halls of higher learning. 

Unfortunately, we even have to confront them here in Massachusetts, an A+ queer-friendly state. I pray for LGBTQ freshman students walking into Gordon College. Most will be totally unaware of Michael Lindsay, their college president, and his anti-gay actions.

Aug 29, 2014

When the first news reports of Robin Williams’ death hit the media, few questioned the report that the country's most beloved comedian had committed suicide.

Aug 13, 2014

Embracing celibacy as an appropriate religious calling to be a God-abiding LGBTQ Christian is now on the rise. 

And I didn’t know my sexual orientation was still up for debate—no joke. 


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