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Dana Smith is a wife, mother of two, and Christian, whose family has been wounded by fundamental Christians who believe they hold the power to judge for God. She is now a crusader to unify churches to love all of God's people. She is a founding member and administrator of PFLAG in Bel Air, Maryland, a participant in the Maryland Caucus for The Reformation Project, and training to be a facilitator for Oriented to Love (Evangelicals for Social Action).

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May 02, 2016

As a mother of a gay son, I don’t think you can really understand where an LGBTQ person is coming from unless you come from a place of intense love. I don’t know that the LGBTQ issue would have registered much on my radar if I didn’t have someone whom I loved intensely struggling with his sexual identity.

I wonder how many pastors have actually taken the time to get to know people who identify as LGBTQ?

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