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Nov 21, 2014

Today is the final day of Transgender Awareness Week, which culminated yesterday with vigils around the world for Transgender Day of Remembrance. As an ally to the transgender community, I recommitted myself yesterday to ensuring that our conversations about equality always include members of the transgender community.

Oct 11, 2014

For the second year in a row, we are honoring National Coming Out Day with this Top Ten list of our favorite blogs on Coming Out & Christianity!

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, we hope these reflections bring you joy and comfort as we consider the spiritual significance of our aspirations to live our lives openly, honestly, and without fear.

Aug 22, 2014

I grew up learning about a God who was a “He.” Sporting a white beard and positively owning that throne in the sky, this was a God who threw lightning bolts when you strayed from the path of righteousness.

When I got to college, I took a necessary break from believing in God.

Jun 13, 2014

I grew up Southern Baptist, but I left the church when I entered college because I could not reconcile the unconditional love of God with the narrow and exclusive theology of my childhood denomination.

On Tuesday, this exclusion surfaced once again when the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution condemning transgender people.

Feb 14, 2014

This Valentine’s Day, I pledge to love my queer identity.

I pledge to honor the truth I hid for ten years—the door that remained unopened, the secret I was too afraid to face.

Today, I pledge to love the part of myself I was told to hate.

I pledge to remember the relationships I never had, the teenage romance and heartbeats lost in in the darkness of the closet—the love I didn’t know I was missing.

Jan 03, 2014

Last week, news reports, talk shows, and social networks were saturated with updates from the great Duck Dynasty debate of 2013. I logged onto Facebook to see comments from both sides—from conservative friends lamenting the persecution of Phil Robertson to queer friends suffering from the hurtful debates circling their news feed. 

After only a week, Robertson's suspension was lifted.

While many rejoice at this news, it is clear that neither side emerged as a winner.

Dec 12, 2013

Mary Ann (Kaiser) Barclay, a candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church who was preemptively removed from her ordination process after she married a woman, will have the opportunity to continue pursuing ordination.

Dec 11, 2013

Pope Francis was named today as Time magazine's Person of the Year 2013, while "unlikely activist" Edith Windsor was featured as the runner-up.

Honored for his "voice of conscience" and "focus on compassion," Pope Francis' unconventional style has revolutionized the way many view the Catholic Church.

Nov 18, 2013

In Eastern Pennsylvania, Rev. Frank Schaefer was convicted Monday in a trial of The United Methodist Church (UMC) for officiating the wedding of his son, Tim, to his same-sex partner in 2007. 


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