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Debra has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Berkeley College, New York, a Bachelor of Arts, degree in Christian Education, and Personal Evangelism from Carver Bible College, Atlanta, Georgia, and a Master of Theology degree from New York Theological Seminary, New York City. Often as an Inspirational-Motivational Speaker and Teacher, Reverend Hopkins spends time traveling around the country addressing LGBTQIA Issues of Equality, and facilitating workshops at colleges and universities.

As an Activist, Debra also believes she can be a real “Voice for Change” through, Action, Activism, and Community Involvement that will help put an end to Social and Economic discrimination. In addition, Ms. Hopkins is also a Licensed Ordained Minister of over 35 years in Christian ministry. A former Middle School Educator, Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Huntsville, Alabama and Minister of Education at Sacred Souls Community Church, Charlotte, N.C., a Board Member with Trans.formation House, a non-profit organization she helped start in August 2016 with the emphasis on putting an end to homelessness in Charlotte.

She is the author of two books. One titled: “Not Until You Have Walked In My Shoes” - My Story - a Memoir due out in the fall of 2018 and the other “Effective Church Leadership for the 21st Century.” She is also the Founding Pastor of Essentials for Life Ministries and the proud parent of three adult children and eight grandchilden.

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Dec 02, 2017

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear a case about whether religious beliefs give businesses that are open to the public a right to discriminate. The case is about David Mullins and Charlie Craig, who visited Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2012 to order a cake for their upcoming wedding reception. The bakery owner, Jack Phillips, told them he couldn’t sell them a wedding cake because they were a same-sex couple. 

I know how humiliating this must have felt. 

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