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Kori Ashton is a singer/songwriter/artist with a heart for the Christian Lesbian community. Her journey is a colorful path that includes being a Pastor’s Daughter, Bible College, Working with Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out & Exodus International, as well as traveling around the world singing in a Christian Band. In 2008, she launched, which offers an online private forum for ladies to find fellowship from all over the world, as well as online resources like videos, photos and articles of encouragement. 

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Feb 12, 2013

When I was four years old I came home from Sunday School with a paper crown I had made in arts & crafts time. I wore that crown around the house with haughty piety demanding my stuffed animals to remain loyal subjects and bow at my feet. My mom, being the amazing Christian lady that she is, saw an opportunity to share Jesus with me and said, “Do you know that some day you could get a real crown?” My eyes swelled with wonder. “How?” I questioned.

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