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In her pursuit of art, creativity and Spirit she has found that there is a beautiful 'Divinity' present in the nature of femininity, and she works to embody that 'Divine Beauty' through her music and all her creative expressions, both secular and sacred, because there is no secular. All is sacred. She studied Classical Vocals and Musical Theatre at Howard University. She studied crochet at her Mama’s knee. She studied creative writing and fashion design in the faces and styles of the nameless many on the streets of Miami, D.C., and Atlanta. As the daughter and granddaughter of Christian Ministers, she has been a lifelong student of Spirit. In her adult years she furthered her understanding of the Most High by exploring the indigenous spiritual practices of several different regions of the world. She is an ordained minister, High Priestess, Sacred Songstress, Creative Writer, Poet, Crocheted Fashion and Jewelry designer and Vessel of the Most High.

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Aug 03, 2015

There is a mighty move of God happening.

It’s been going on for a while but it is growing in momentum! God is sending people to the very doors of God’s sanctuary all over this country.

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