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Adam Dyer is a Candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry. He is a graduate of Princeton University where he concentrated in Creative Writing and Music.  He has been part of the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Florida (School of Theater and Dance) and at the Starr King School for the Ministry where he recently taught “In Your Hands: Spirituality, Language and Ethics of Touch” as part of the Hilda Mason Fellowship.  In addition to his ministerial work, he is on the program team at PolicyLink where he supports the work with the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color focused on policy advocacy and healthy masculinity.

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Jan 10, 2014

Personally, I am tired of religious irony. My own snarky, judgmental attitude about a Christian mega church, no matter how much in check I was able to keep it in the moment, almost kept me from making a beautiful discovery about the depth and capacity of the human heart.

When I walked into Overlake Christian Church, I half expected the walls to come crashing in.

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