10 Ways To Include LGBTQ People In Your Congregation

1. Hire LGBTQ leaders to serve in your congregation:

2. Host small groups conversations on LGBTQ inclusion:

3. Denomination-wide policy changes can lead the way:

4. Organize your congregation to show up at LGBTQ events:

5. A note to LGBTQ people—our presence makes a difference:

6. Believe Out Loud with inclusive language and church-wide statements:

7. Celebrate LGBTQ love in your congregation:

8. Start talking! It is always helpful to have the conversation:

9. Share resources for people who want to learn more:

10. And finally, take a stand!

#BOLTalk: How do you model LGBTQ inclusion in your congregation?

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Originally published on September 13, 2013

Comments (6)

lgbt people are not excepted here in new jersey


Yes we are! Come visit us at Saint John's Lutheran Church in Hoboken!

you're wrong James... LGBT people are not *accepted* in New Jersey. That should clarify that a little bit.

I personally am not a believer, but it does warm me to see religions finally opening up to others.

Gail what exactly is bigotry? And how do you define it within the Church please?

Our congregation had parent's day for the kids the first year we were there. All the kids were able to participate..those with two dads, single parents etc.

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