10 Ways Christians Can Be Allies To LGBTQ People

10. Affirm that LGBTQ people are made in the image of God:

9. Share resources: 

8. Speak up for LGBTQ people:

7. Extend God's welcome to all:

6. Invite others into a relationship with Jesus: 

5. Get involved in your community: 

4. Read the Bible:

3. Follow the example of Jesus:

2. Model unconditional love:

1. Be a witness as an LGBTQ Christian!

#BOLTalk: As a Christian, how are you an ally to LGBTQ people?

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Suggestion #4 is the best one... just keep reading and you'll see how your position is indefensible based on actual scripture. You'll say "that's not something the REAL Jesus would say..." well how do you know the real Jesus apart from reading his word?

"Jesus never condemned homosexuality." Yes he did, by categorically condemning ALL sexual sin. He also didn't explicitly condemn bestiality, incest, rape, etc. He used blanket terminology to cover all of it, homosexuality included. The definitions of the blanket terms he used were already covered in Old Testament law. Just because he fulfilled the law by bringing justification to his followers doesn't mean that the law isn't still valid in helping us determine what is sin and what is not. The moral law is eternal.

Define sexual sin.

Do you keep your wife separated from the community when menstruating? Do you kill your daughter if she's not a virgin? Have you ever looked with lust at a women? Perhaps your son saw you step out of the shower, did you kill him for uncovering your nakedness?

The scriptural guidance about sexuality in the New Testament are about lustful fornication, and sexual exploitation. Remember what the apostle said, where love is, there is God.

Just believing in Christ does not bring salvation. Faith in Christ as you savior is the ONLY road to salvation. Satan believed in Christ wouldn't call him a christian.
Faith without works is dead. Without repentance you are rejecting your faith or you never had it to begin with. The homosexual lifestyle is a form of sexual impurity. The sin doesn't detract from your salvation because you can never earn it but your unwillingness to repent puts your faith in question. If you were a Christian you would feel conviction for your lifestyle. If there is no conviction for your sin then your faith is non existent.

Those who cannot help but fall upon the Old Testament, who at your church is responsible for stoning the adulterer? A congregant? Your minister? How do you atone when you eat shelfish or wear polyester (unless you do neither) ? If your brother passes on before having children, which of your siblings marries his widow to produce offspring for your deceased love one? Your gardens must be massive since you may not sow different crops together. Who decides which laws apply and which do not any longer? Adultery is a moral issue that requires stoning...but Jesus said that the one without sin should cast that first stone. So many questions, yet some of you claim to have Divine inspirtation to have the only anf correct interpretations. Whatever! Lol. Take a class on Old Testament history.

If you have Faith in Christ the Holy Spirit changes you. You see things differently. If you think homosexuality is a sin and are persecuting them, I think you need to pray that that the Holy Spirit truly comes into your life and changes your bitter heart.

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