10 Transgender Christians Share Their Journey Stories

Today is the final day of Transgender Awareness Week, which culminated yesterday with vigils around the world for Transgender Day of Remembrance. As an ally to the transgender community, I recommitted myself yesterday to ensuring that our conversations about equality always include members of the transgender community. For me, part of this means finding ways to both affirm and amplify the stories of transgender and gender nonconforming people who have experienced harassment, discrimination, and violence because of their gender identity.

With these commitments in mind, I am honored to share the stories below of 10 transgender Christians who have journeyed to embrace both their gender identity and their faith. While each story is unique, they all remind me of the courage it takes to live our lives both faithfully and authentically:

      1. Coming Out Of The Wilderness & Into The City
        by Rev. David Weekley—Transgender Clergy, United Methodist Church
      2. Finding My Way Home: My Journey As A Trans* Christian
        by Bobbi Prato—Member, Asbury Park Community Church
      3. Coming Out As Trans* In The ELCA
        by JamieAnn Meyers—Transgender Representative, ReconcilingWorks
      4. Becoming Who God Created Me To Be
        by Jes Stevens—Queer Catholic
      5. Silencing The Metronome: Living My Truth As A Trans Woman
        by Rachel Clark—Executive Producer, TRANSit
      6. Sin vs. Shame—How I Learned To Let Myself Be Loved
        by Austen Hartke—Queer Blogger and Theologian
      7. Claiming My Religious Right
        by Stephanie Mott—Executive Director, Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project
      8. A Trans Christian's Open Letter To The Southern Baptist Convention
        by Vivian Taylor—Executive Director, Integrity USA
      9. A Transgender Man's Journey To Ordination
        by Father Shannon Kearns—Priest, House of the Transfiguration
      10. Trans Clergy Building Bridges In Multicultural Ministry
        by Rev. Mykal Slack—Reverend, Activist, Public Speaker, Blogger, 4Lyfe Ministries

And finally, for trans allies like myself—check out this article from Chris Paige, Executive Director of TransfaithHow To Be A Trans* Ally.

If you'd like to share your story with us, email me to get started.

Photo via flickr user Franziska Neumeister

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I love stories about christian faith and being transgender. When you love the Lord, the peace that Transcends all understanding will guard your heart and soul.

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