Christians Thank Obama For Support Of Marriage Equality

Yesterday, President Obama declared his support for marriage equality. In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, President Obama told the country and the world that he has decided to support same sex marriage. What's more, he cited his Christian faith as a motivator in making his decision.

We could not be more thankful for this historic support. To share our thanks, Believe Out Loud is collecting signatures for a thank you card, which we’ll send to the President this month.Let's let President Obama know he is not the only Christian who supports LGBT equality!

Dear President Obama:

With joy and gratitude in our hearts, we thank you for declaring your support for same-sex marriage.

Like you, we are faithful Christians who support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality not in spite of our Christian faith, but because of it.

Our Christian voices for equality are getting stronger everyday and we thank you for lending yours to the chorus.

Many, many thanks,

Believe Out Loud

Join us and celebrate this historic milestone! Sign the thank you card today.


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